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PHYSGEO is a technology company that provides intelligent data driven solutions for oil&gas production.

We apply new science based optimization approaches and innovative products.
experts and engineers
complex projects
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Typical challenges

Asset development strategy
Improving the efficiency of asset
Consultancy on non-standard problems
Uncertainties management and risk control

Values of our company

Key drivers of technological development
The most effective solutions for each project
Accumulation of knowledge and lessons learned within the company

Geomechanical modeling

minimize risks during drilling, field development and well stimulation
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Wellbore geometry and trajectory optimization; prevention of mud losses, blow outs, control of cuttings volume, avoid natural faults if necessary

Drill faster and safe
Decrease risks of uncontrolled water intrusion
in reservoirs with faults

Increase well lifecycle
Assess the direction of permeability channeling
in fractured formations
Avoid unwanted water or gas
Find fractured areas with better productivity,
plan trajectory and drill a well through these fractures

Enhance production in tight fractured reservoirs
Prevent pollution of aquifers, reduce risks to surface infrastructure associated with subsidence and induced seismicity, select appropriate formations for re-injection of CO2 and drilling waste disposal

Reduce environmental impact

Well & reservoir stimulation modeling

search for a root-cause of underperformance of fractured wells and plan the way to success
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Study target zone geomechanics, select candidates for stimulation. Design fracturing treatment, including proppant and frac fluid type selection.

Avoid production of unwanted water or gas
Study key features of target zone.
Optimize hydraulic fracturing design.

Increase fractured well productivity
Develop a well stimulation approach, hydraulic fracturing design. Assist Customer and control/supervise treatment execution in the field.

Pilot projects
Reduce frequency of screen-outs, select suitable completion technology. Optimize proppant mass/fluid volume. Optimize hydraulic fracturing technology and frac fleet configuration.

Optimize OPEX

Report on quality during job execution in the field. Provide prompt recommendations in critical situations.

Ensure field implementation of technology

Reservoir simulation

select the most profitable solutions/ technologies for field development by multivariate calculation technique
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Detect key parameters affecting field development. Find technology application range based on multidimensional decision-making matrix

Define key concepts of field development
Select initial drilling areas. Determine optimal well designs and trajectories to improve efficiency. Optimize reservoir pressure maintenance system
Optimize efficiency of field development
Minimize risks during candidate selection and frac job execution. Rank decisions accordingly to their economic efficiency
Select the most effective well completion design
Select and assess optimal EOR techniques. Plan research program and apply experimental results during simulation. Perform sensitivity analysis of all EOR risks and uncertainties.

Evaluate efficiency of Enhanced Oil Recovery techniques

Front end engineering design

achieve a global optimum in terms of costs for drilling, construction of well pads, gathering systems and other

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Automated multivariate comparison of well pad construction costs to well drilling costs
Determine location and optimal number of well pads
Consider local topography, land allocation, technological and regulatory restrictions while simulating field gathering system design/layout
Gathering system optimization
Based on current status, identify the potential for cost optimization
Feasibility studies for reconstruction/reengineering
Account for the asset development horizon according to the P10, P50, P90 scenarios and changes of extracted HC properties such as Water Cut increase, GOR change et cetera.

Evolution of surface facilities design for different development scenarios/technological parameters


Increasing field development profitability by multi-variant optimization approach

Ensemble based modeling

Optimal asset development strategy
Uncertainties minimization, technological and geological risks reduction
Decision-making matrix
Investment attractiveness of the asset

Gefest is designed to perform a full cycle of work: 1D, 3D, 4D geomechanical modeling of oil and gas fields. It is intended to assess in-situ stress state and its reaction to externally imposed changes to minimize drilling-associated risks, aid in field development and direct well stimulation

Geomechanical modeling software
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SCOUT helps ensure the safety, efficiency and quality of operational processes through fast aggregation, processing and analysis of oilfield data

Intelligent system for oilfield operations management
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CSL Planner allows to optimize cost of field infrastructure construction by automatic comprehensive optimization of technological facilities placement and parameters

Digital platform for conceptual design of hydrocarbon product logistics
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